How To: Do an awesome bar crawl

 How To: Do an awesome bar crawl

Living in Plovdiv has all sorts of perks and quirks, both around town and among the people you get the chance to meet. Today we’re going to explore a particularly fun part of living here – the adventurous journey called a “Bar Crawl”!

It’s a weekend night and you’re wondering where you can go to hang out, have a drink, dance, meet up with friends, or go on a date? We’ve got you covered!

Let’s get started with our custom designed little #How2Plovdiv trail of clubs and bars. Feel free to ask anything or add your own suggestions in the comments below.

-Rorschach’s spot

Founded back in January 2000, this is a place full of rich history and iconic events! It’s one of the oldest bars in Plovdiv. During weekdays, it’s a great place to go and hang out, as it offers a very cozy interior. There are a lot of literary readings, usually on Tuesdays and there is a Quiz night on Thursdays (Disclaimer: Both events are held in Bulgarian). On the weekends there’s always a DJ selector, or a band. As to music, the bar plays mostly rock, alternative rock, indie rock, blues and mostly tunes you can vibe to. Of course, there are also guilty pleasure parties, disco parties, funk parties and hip-hop parties. You can find out more about the upcoming events at Rorschach’s Spot HERE.

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On the other side of the bar (there’s an internal connection) is situated a restaurant, which is perfect if you’d like to have dinner before heading out for the night.

-Club VOID
Club VOID is a very interesting venue. It’s the biggest indoor space and scene in Kapana Creative District. The spot used to be a big chalga* club back until 2012. Now it is home to all sorts of alternative events – Psy-trance parties, Concerts, Expat parties, etc. It’s an awesome place to go and blow off some steam dancing. Usually, it does not work all the time, as it only opens for events. Thus, you can find out more about their program and upcoming events right HERE.

*chalga – Bulgarian music genre. Might sound funny to foreigners, but is an actual cultural issue.

S.I.P.I (it literally means “P.O.U.R”) is quite new in Kapana Creative District. With its clean interior and crystal white bar, it’s a great alternative place for cocktails and it has different DJs each weekend with focus on electro and EDM music. Also, unlike any other place in the district, it has a large backyard! You can check them out right HERE.

-Morrigan Irish Bar
What’s a real bar crawl, if you don’t end up dancing to Lord of the Dance and chugging down pints of gorgeous golden & copper ale at some point? This renewed gem in town is now located on the opposite side of Kapana, right behind the former Bulgarian National Bank. It’s small and cozy and provides a great atmosphere for chatting and hanging out. You’ll find a great selection of whisky and beers, and listen to traditional Irish music while you’re at it. Bear in mind though, it gets really loud and crowded on the weekends! Gather your golden coins, kiss a four leaf clover for luck and check out their page right HERE!

-Baba Yaga
Since we’re on the international topic, there’s no way we can miss out on this sweet spot! The name “Baba Yaga ” actually is tied with slavic folklore and refers to a supernatural creature in the form of an elderly woman, who’s usually malicious and plays the antagonist in slavic tales. 

But let’s not get too much into folklore, as there are other awesome features of this place. Founded by friends who came all the way from Monpellier, Baba Yaga is a haven for francophones and expats as a whole. You’ll always feel welcome there – with a bright and warm atmosphere, the bar has two levels. On the second level you’ll locate a tennis table, a foosball table and a PlayStation, so the fun is guaranteed! It’s a great getaway from the loud Kapana district and mainstream places. Take a look HERE.

-Art Club Nylon
Now this is an interesting place on which we can’t stress enough. With the ambience of a bar from Tatooine or the Wild West, Art Club Nylon is one of the oldest bars in Plovdiv, founded back in 1998. It’s situated in an old house in Kapana and the interior is made out of wood and stone. 

The number of urban legends you’ll hear about this place are numerous. From the gnome with the ax in the head stuck in the basement, to why it is called Nylon in the first place. One of two stories about the name is that it’s a combination of New York and London = Nylon. Another interesting version is that back in 1998 it used to be a glass-ware and when it became a bar, it had no windows, so it was all covered in nylons. 

Anywho, this is a place where you definitely need to check in (have in mind that it’s quite smoky though). It’s absolutely raw and the interesting thing about this bar is that anything can happen at any time. It is a stop for all artists, musicians, poets, actors, journalists and even politicians. Truly an icon of Plovdiv. You can catch a glimpse of it HERE.

-Barber & Cat
This place is probably one of the tiniest, but sweetest places! Situated right next to Art Club Nylon, it’s a real gem. Barber & Cat offers great cocktails and it’s a very secluded spot to go on a date, or hang out with a small group of friends. Check it out right HERE.

-Cat & Mouse
Did anyone say beer? This is the place to go, if you love exploring the different variations of this liquid gold! Situated in the heart of Kapana, Cat & Mouse is a preferred option for meeting up with friends, having a casual chess match, working, or just exploring the beer fridges. 

An interesting fact is that the editor’s office of the `’Pod Tepeto” local media is situated on the second floor, thus a lot of interesting people always swing by the bar. There’s also a designated co-working space right next to the bar, which offers everything you need for your out of office workday. Find all that Cat & Mouse has to offer HERE.

-Cat & Mouse Local
As a logical continuation of Cat & Mouse, our next stop is Cat & Mouse Local. Operating only during the warmer months, Local is a great spot to try out local Bulgarian beers (kind of obvious given the name). Apart from the beers, this is an awesome open space, which gives you the opportunity to be in Kapana amongst the crowd, but also be kind of secluded, due to its inwards facing garden. Perfect summer location!

We’ll be in Kapana for a bit more, don’t worry! Our next stop is cuddling on one of Kapana’s streets between the Fork & Knife restaurant and a small souvenir shop. The space is a bit small, but it has a long bar and two levels, decorated in the spirit of soul and funk. The coolest part about 1890 is that it has a quirky terrace, which is a perfect getaway for the summer nights. Look it up HERE.

-No Sense
Alongside Rorschah’s spot and Art Club Nylon, No Sense is one of the oldest bars in Plovdiv. With more than 20 years of experience, this is a place that can surely throw a party. The bar is one of the biggest in the district and offers two levels. It’s packed during the weekends and it’s the place to go, if you’re in the mood for dancing. Find out more about it HERE.

-Club 22
This is one of the newest places around Kapana, situated right next to the Central Mosque. It’s blingy, loud, and very appealing as a spot for youngsters to hang out, smoke shisha and grab a cocktail. You can definitely check it out if you’re into hip-hop and trap music. Explore it yourself HERE.

-Bally Club
Bally Club ranks among the Plovdiv classics alongside No Sense, Art Club Nylon and Rorschach’s spot, as it’s been functioning for more than 20 years. The club is best known for it’s amazing House & EDM parties. So, if this is your jam, make sure to check it out. It’s near Club 22 and the Central Mosque. Find out more about it right HERE.

-Rock Bar Download
Rock Bar Download has been around since 2011 and it has proudly paved its way in the hearts of rock and metal fans in the city of seven hills. With its big venue, it offers a variety of beers, cocktails and snacks. It’s suitable for big gatherings, team buildings and ets., as it offers three screens airing different sports events, a foosball table, darts and a sjoelbak.

The place is also known for its musical scene, as Bulgarian and international bands often perform there. On the weekends, if there’s no concert, there’s always a DJ selector. However, as the name suggests, the main genre of music there is rock and metal. Look it up HERE

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The place offers draft Guinness and has yearly beer pong tournaments.

-Temple Bar
Continuing down the main pedestrian street and with sports in mind, we’re off to Temple Bar Plovdiv. At the very center of the city, this is a real gem as well. Perfect for hanging out, celebrating with friends, or just casually having a beer and watching the game, Temple Bar is the place.

The bar is spacious but cozy as well, great for the cold winter nights. With one big screen and a couple of small screens it’s a suitable location for sports fans, who also happen to enjoy a pint or two as well. On the weekends, you can enjoy a drink there and listen to all sorts of interesting music (indie-pop, rock&roll, 80s and 70s music, alternative & etc.), as there’s usually a selector on Saturdays. Take a peak right HERE.

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The place offers draft Guinness.

-Fabric Bar
Another big bar in the city center you need to know about is Fabric Bar Plovdiv. It’s a real getaway from the crowd on the main street and it’s very spacious both inside and outside. Fabric has its own brewed beer and it’s a preferred place for hanging out with friends on a daily basis. 

A big perk of the place is that it has a large space for smokers (if you’re into it), a super big garden and… food! Yes, you guessed it, this place offers a small menu with BBQ and snacks, which you can enjoy with a pint of cold beer in your hand. As for the music part, you’ll usually hear rock, ska, punk or reggae here. Feel free to check it out HERE.

Going down the street of Fabric Bar Plovdiv, towards the Trimontium Palace Hotel, you’ll stumble upon one of the funkiest places. artnewscafé is situated right next to the Sariev gallery and is known for being an artists hub. With impeccable interior design, it’s a very alternative and interesting choice. It’s currently closed for the winter season, but don’t miss out on it once the weather gets better! Take a look right HERE.

-Bar The Post
We’re almost finishing our bar crawl route, hang on! Right next to the central post office building, naturally, you can locate the cozy Bar The Post. With a great interior, as if a travelers’ scrapbook exploded inside, the bar offers some of the best cocktails in town! 

Perfect for a coffee during the day at the balcony, catching the last rays of sun for the day, or a weekend night out. Bar The Post is your place, check it out HERE.

-Club Fargo
Speaking of cocktails, in a walking distance from Bar The Post is situated another gem for the bar crawler – Club Fargo. Amazing seasonal cocktail menus and a friendly atmosphere, the club hosts parties with DJs and musical selectors from all across Bulgaria. One of its biggest perks is that Club Fargo has a large balcony which is equally comfy during the cold and warm seasons. There are also different cultural events during the week, such as Short Movie events, Artist gatherings, etc. Find out HERE.

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The club is situated in the same building as Lucky Cinema and the interior theme is related to famous movie titles. Thus, you can also enjoy a movie before heading out for drinks.

-Bee Bop Café
Our final destination for this list would be the infamous jazz club Bee Bop Café, situated right below Club Fargo. This is one of the best venues for Bulgarian and international alternative concerts. Names such as James Leg, Ben Caplan, Kusturitsa and many more have been up on its stage.

The place is great for a casual drink during the week, as it is spacious and intriguing with its interior and outdoors options for hanging out. It hosts a weekly quiz, as well as different literary readings and theatrical events. Take a look around HERE.

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The place records almost all of its concerts and streams them live at their platform You can watch their free concerts, or buy a ticket for a past event you can access at any time.

Well, if you made it this far, congratulations! This is our selection and we hope you enjoy it. It’s a 100% certain that we might have missed some places, so feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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